Bioactive Bathroom Cleaner is a high-performance cleaning solution that leaves bathrooms looking and smelling great. Unlike traditional floor cleaners, it's not limited to washing the surface only, which often leaves odor and imbedded grime behind.

     Our formula combines the best of clean chemistry and microbiology to produce a dual action solution that deep cleans tile, grout, cement, and even smelly floor drains! Bioactive Bathroom utilizes new-technology detergents that are environmentally preferable and clean quickly. Billions of activated microorganisms penetrate the pores of the grout and work to clean deeply imbedded dirt and urine.

     Bioactive Bathroom is dual action! Simply pour some of the mop bucket slurry down any odor-affected drain and the solution will leave your drains clean and your bathroom smelling fresh!

Bathroom Cleaner

Works Well On:

• Tiles floors and walls      • Concrete

• Toilets and urinals           • Baseboards

• Terrazzo or poured epoxy floors



Available Quantities:

• 4x1 Gallon Cases

• 12x1 Quart Cases