Whole Earth Laboratories Municipal Strength Chute & Dumpster will make your dumpster area a much more tolerable place to work.

     Our proprietary blend of microorganisms and cleaning compounds, when applied with a hose end hydrofoamer, immediately suppresses odors and begins to remediate (digest) the accumulated grease and grime.

Chute & Dumpster

Works Well On:

• Eliminates odors almost instantly

• Cleans and degreases dumpsters,
  compactors and trash receptacles

• Applied through and hose-end foamer
  or sprayer

• Can be used in trash chute washing
  systems for cleaning and odor elimination

• Eliminates odors from pet runs,
  swine farms and waste pits


Available Quantities:

• 4x1 Gallon Cases

• 12x1 Quart Cases