GA-3000 is a powerful, bioactive solution that eliminates petroleum based oil, grease or other petrochemicals from a wide variety of surfaces and provides an efficient, environmentally safe solution to many hazardous waste cleanups.

     GA-3000 is designed to remove oil, gasoline, diesel, fluorinated solvents and other petroleum-based materials while eliminating odors associated with the degradation of these petrochemicals in oil separators or dump sites.

     Our proprietary formula contains billions of petroleum-eating microorganisms along with environmentally preferable degreasing agents and detergents. GA-3000 is pH neutral, non-toxic and highly effective.


Works Well On:

• Removes oil spots from concrete

• Deodorizes oil separators and degrades oil

• Degreases machinery and parts

• Use on any washable surfaces

• pH neutral and will not harm painted surfaces



Available Quantities:

• 4x1 Gallon Cases

• 12x1 Quart Cases

• 5 Gallon Carboy

• 15 Gallon Drum

• 55 Gallon Drum