Kitchen Degreaser is an industrial strength, environmentally preferable cleaning and degreasing solution. It cuts through, and eliminates grease and organic waste build-up on floors, grout, tile, and hard to clean surfaces. In addition to new technology detergents, the proprietary formula deploys billions of grease eating microbes that penetrate deeply into the pores and crevices of hard surfaces, literally eating the grease that binds the dirt, so it can be washed away.

Kitchen Degreaser

Works Well On:

• Quarry Tiles        • Baseboards

• Rubber Mats       • Concrete

• Tile Walls            • Epoxy and Porcelain

Available Quantities:

• 4x1 Gallon Cases

• 12x1 Quart Cases

• 5 Gallon Carboy

• 15 Gallon Drum