OA DeScaler is an Organic Based Acid that eliminates Calcium, Scale, and Lime buildup quickly and efficiently. Utilizing a base of a stabilized form of Hydronium (H904), Lactic, and Citric acid, this noncorrosive combination is not harmful to skin or mucus membranes, but tough on Calcium, Scale, and Lime build-up.

     OA DeScaler is an environmentally safe alternative to strong acid such as Hydrochloric, Phosphoric or Sulfuric acids in many applications.

OA Descaler

Works Well On:

• Safe and non-corrosive to human skin

• Quickly dissolves Calcium, Scale
   and Lime deposits

• Easily removes effervescence on brick
  and stone work

• Removes water spots on pool decks
  and fixtures

• Removes water spots from glass



Available Quantities:

• 4x1 Gallon Cases

• 12x1 Quart Cases