• Rapid Degreasing Action on
  floors, tile, grout, and hard to
  clean surfaces

• Dual Action, also treats drains

• Reduces slip & falls, preserves


• Removes dirt and grime
  build-up on all common surfaces

• Including linoleum, tile,
  and painted surfaces

• Fresh tropical scent


• Eliminates Bathroom odors

• Eliminates uric salt buildup

• Award winning fragrance

• Smells fresh and clean for days


• Remediates FOG (Fats oils,
  and Grease)

• Eliminates Drain Flies

• Keeps Drain Laterals clear

• Treats Grease Traps

• Dissolves Calcium Scale and Lime

• Removes effervescence on
  brick and stone

• Removes water spots on pool
  decks and glass

• Non Corrosive to skin


• Heavy Duty degreaser

• Cleans Oil and grease from

• Treats hand-sink drain lines

• Treats Oil Separators


• Cleans and degreases
  trash receptacles,
  dumpsters, and compactors

• Eliminates odors almost

• Applied through hose-end
  foamer or sprayer